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Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Fri Sep 6 02:29:00 EDT 2002

>>Possible answer: (word x of the result) is interpreted as a 
>>character string containing the name of the card?
>But you'd still expect that to work, right? In the first example, 
>"it" contains the same character string. I don't know why it doesn't 
>work in Rev.

Hi Brad,

One could test my theory by changing the names of some cards in the 
stack to "1", "2", etc. and seeing what happens.

Because Xtalk does variable typing "on the fly" it's sometimes 
difficult to know whether the interpreter sees "1" as a character or 
a digit.  This is particularly true of "it", as its type can change 
from statement to statement.

If I am correct, then replacing "(word x of the result)" with 
"value(word x of the result)" should also work; but I'd just as soon 
use an extra get statement rather than add a function call.

Rob Cozens
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