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> Yes, Apple's terminology for this is confusing.  They commonly use "Mac OS"
> when they mean "Classic" specifically, and will probably keep referring to
> "OS X" long after version 11 and beyond.  :)
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> There are definitely differences between the Classic and OSX RunRev
> application builders. I have resorted to using the Classic version for
> a couple of builds of OSX versions. I have a simple, fixed-size stack
> that Classic RunRev built as a fixed-size OSX application, and OSX
> RunRev built as a resizable OSX application. This was repeatable.
> Begone, o dread resize-tab!

Thank you both for verifying my problem. But is simply shouldn't be this way
-- and it isn't Apple's problem it is RunRev's. The checkboxes in the
distribution builders of the "classic" and OSX version of RunRev are
identical -- they SHOULD therefore produce identical results (which I
assumed they did) but they don't. All the RunRev documentation claims that
MacOS compatibility extends down to system 7.1 -- but this IS NOT TRUE if
the MacOS application is built using the OSX engine -- which creates an OS
9+ dependent carbon app. If the results are different, the options should be
different (duh!). Why make a cross-platform distribution builder, which
promises to make applications for any supported platform and version from
any other supported platform, when one must use different version of RunRev
to achieve true cross-platform (and system version) compatibility? I
shouldn't have to have more than one version of RunRev loaded on my
computer, should I? But apparently, I must.

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