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Mon Sep 2 15:48:02 EDT 2002

Well, here's a start: You could use the Transcript "do" command to 
execute any script the user enters, as in:

on returnInField --put this handler into the script of the data entry field
   do line 1 of me
end returnInField

if you want to have a multiline message box, you could use:

on enterInField
    do me
end enterInField

However, this doesn't have all the features of the message box. For 
instance, if you want the results to display in a field called 
"message output", you'd have to type:

put "whatever" into field "message output"

whereas with the message box, you can just type  put "whatever" and 
it will appear in the message box output. Also, there's the problem 
of displaying syntax errors. The message box does that gracefully by 
displaying an error message in the message box output. I'm not sure 
how to capture that error message text.

>I am confused as to how to script such a substack and I would appreciate any
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>>  Easiest way is to create a substack with the control features you need. You
>>  can send messages such as
>>  put "Operation Complete..." into fld "tmessage" of wd "MessageBox"
>>  If you wish to act on 'commands' the user types into the "MessageBox" then
>>  this can be done using either a 'Submit' button or 'on exitField' handler
>>  Regards
>>  Gary Rathbone
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>>>  in supercard there was a way of building a message box into a standalone,
>>>  how can one do the same thing in Revolution
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