Icons on OS X

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Sun Sep 1 18:38:01 EDT 2002

> > How do we associate icons with file types and standalones on OS X. I
> > went
> > through some
> > archives and found a discussion on it including Troy and Tony but it
> > seemed
> > to give up. Rev does it and I'm sure others have done it by now so there
> > must be a way.
> >
> > Perhaps Scott or Kevin might want to shed some light on this????
> That would be great, Monte, since for my part the process fizzled out. I
> cannot seem to reliably get my documents to launch and open in their Rev
> parent applications. We have tried the Apple events route, and have not
> had 100% results. It seems a shame that one cannot assign document types
> in the builder (sort of the way RealBasic does.) But if it must be done
> manually, I'd love to get a sure-fire recipe.
Yes, I'm in a bit of a panic now as I have accepted a contract on the
assumption that it can be done. It MUST be able to be done by the way
because anything that Rev or MC do we can but the how is not always clear. I
really think there needs to be more docs on building truly cross platform
apps. I just found out yesterday that the option button on OS X will use any
menu metachars that are in the button when the Windows one does not. The
only way for me to get around the problem was to change to a list field for
that interface. Don't get me started on the different sizes of tabs on
tabbed buttons!


I'm sure someone has some info on this it's just a matter on keeping our
discussion going on long enough for Kevin or Scott or some other guru to
notice it ;-)



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