An observation

Bjoernke von Gierke bvg at
Sun Sep 1 08:41:01 EDT 2002

I was using Runrev to format a list which I copied from my browser. As Mozilla copied the List as text, and neither tab nor return delimeted it, I had to find another way to read it. Instead of tabs the text had fortunately multiple spaces, so I could use that as basis, and then count the items until a return had to show up.

I first used multiple "for each chunktype" loops. Then I remembered the "replace chunk with chunk", and used that in a new version. afterwards i compared speed, and found out, that the "replace" command was almost twice as fast!

That will probably not speed up many scripts, but I think it is good to know what command is faster/the fastest for a certain task (especially as there are that many diffrent things that do the same!), so I tought maybe others want to know this too...

Below are the two scripts I used for the speed comparision. I striped the part which included the returns, as it was the same in both scripts (it didn't change the speed compared to each other tough). I repeat the "replace" 10 times, to get rid of all aditional spaces. Below these two scripts is the script which I used to compare the time they each need.

on MouseUp
  put field "Input" into theInput
  repeat for each char theChar in theInput
    if theChar = oldChar and theChar = space then
      add one to spacecount
      if spaceCount <> 0 then
        put tab after theResult
        put 0 into spaceCount
      end if
      put theChar after theResult
    end if
    put theChar into oldChar
  end repeat
  put word 1 to -1 of theResult into field "Output"
end MouseUp

on MouseUp
  put field "Input" into theInput
  repeat for 10 times
    replace "   " with "  " in theInput
  end repeat
  replace "  " with tab in theInput
  put theInput into field "Output"
end MouseUp

on mouseUp
  repeat for 200 times
    put the Ticks into Ticki
    send mouseUp to button (field "Name")
    put the Ticks - Ticki & "," after myresult
  end repeat
  put sum(myresult)
end mouseUp

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