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On Thursday, October 31, 2002, at 10:06  AM, Jim MacConnell wrote:
> While I'm still simply a newbie lurker... I think your answer lies in 
> a post
> on 10/24 from Rob Cozens titled "Heads Up For HyperCard Stack 
> Converters ".
> It sounds like a "dynamicPaths" type of issue (see below)
> Rob was doing a HC conversion and ran into "unexpected" behavior which 
> is
> what you described. I'm still trying to figure it out the message path
> differences myself. I was used to  working on other cards from a 
> handler
> without having to worry about "hurting" them unless I included a "of 
> card
> "XXX" type of instruction.
> Hope this helps, check out Rob's original post and sorry for stealing 
> your
> brain-work Rob.

That seems like the answer, but I just checked and my dynamicPaths 
properties are set to false in both of the stacks. Or do you think I 
should be running with dynamicPaths set to true?

> Jim MacConnell
> ********************************************
> dynamicPaths
> If a stack's dynamicPaths property is true, when a handler in that
> stack goes to a card other than the original card, that card's
> message path is inserted into the message path as long as the handler
> is on that card.
> If the dynamicPaths is false, the message path does not change even
> when a handler visits another card.
> The dynamicPaths property of stacks imported from HyperCard is set to
> true by default.
> <<
> ********************************************

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