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Jim MacConnell jmac at
Thu Oct 31 12:13:01 EST 2002


> if tCalcType is not empty then
> go to first card of stack tCalcType as toplevel
> -- close the the current... the stack we were just in.
> -- close this stack -- nope; "this stack" has now changed!
> close stack "FacilityCalculator"
> end if

While I'm still simply a newbie lurker... I think your answer lies in a post
on 10/24 from Rob Cozens titled "Heads Up For HyperCard Stack Converters ".
It sounds like a "dynamicPaths" type of issue (see below)

Rob was doing a HC conversion and ran into "unexpected" behavior which is
what you described. I'm still trying to figure it out the message path
differences myself. I was used to  working on other cards from a handler
without having to worry about "hurting" them unless I included a "of card
"XXX" type of instruction.

Hope this helps, check out Rob's original post and sorry for stealing your
brain-work Rob.

Jim MacConnell


If a stack's dynamicPaths property is true, when a handler in that
stack goes to a card other than the original card, that card's
message path is inserted into the message path as long as the handler
is on that card.

If the dynamicPaths is false, the message path does not change even
when a handler visits another card.

The dynamicPaths property of stacks imported from HyperCard is set to
true by default.

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