Disappearing menu bar

Jerry Levinson levinson at hawaii.edu
Thu Oct 31 06:02:09 EST 2002

I just downloaded the Starter Kit and tried to convert an old HyperCard 
stack. It opened fine, but the menu bar disappeared to I couldn't get 
to the Distribution Builder (or anything else on the menu bar, for that 
matter). If I click in the space where the bar was, I get back to the 
Finder. As a Starter user, I don't have access to the Professional bug 
center (as near as I can tell), so here I am. Any help?

Maybe I'll get the OS9 version and try that...does it run under Classic 
or should I boot into 9?

Macintosh G4, OSX,10.2.1, 768MB/60GB. OSX is on its own partition. No 
unusual additions to the OS.


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