Dynamic Animation

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Fri Oct 25 12:41:28 EDT 2002

> Is there anyway to build animations dynamically?   I am trying to
> figure out
> if I can do animations similar to what is being done within "theBrain".
> Check out this web site and see how the animation looks:
> http://www.thebrain.com.

> If there is no programmatic interface that will allow animations
> to be built
> on the fly I am then going to be looking for suggestions as to
> how one might
> try doing animations without the animation manager?


This type of interface is most definitely possible to do in RR/MC. But, you
would need to create a script to generate the different 'move' commands
based on where you clicked. I'd probably create an array which described the
relationships between the data, then render the fields on the fly. Get it
working without the animation first (click on a field and it redraws the
other fields) then add the 'move to' animation capability.


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