Opening folders from Rev with Externals

Mike Brown mike at
Tue Oct 22 20:11:01 EDT 2002

The Externals collection on the RunRev site appears to be somewhat
limited... it only has several features and I don't see the "Open File" as
one of them.  The older MetaCard Externals collection does have the "Open
File" feature but the purchase method is no longer valid.  It points to the
old XWorlds web site.

- Mike

on 10/22/02 8:43 PM, Scott Rossi at scott at wrote:

> Recently, "Mike Brown"  wrote:
>> I'm burning a CD-ROM that will contain a Rev Stack/app as the Table of
>> Contents Page.  The Stack will list a directory of folders on the CD - each
>> folder containing documents.  The CD will contain various folders containing
>> documents.  I want to be able to click on button within my Rev Stack and
>> open a particular folder on the CD so that the documents may be manually
>> dragged to the Hard Drive.
>> I do hope it is easy to do... I just can't find the method.
> One way to do this might be to use the Externals Collection on the RunRev
> site.  Within the collection of commands is one that opens a file as if
> double-clicking it.  This might work with a folder as well.
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