image within a graphic?

Terry Vogelaar terry at
Mon Oct 21 00:48:00 CDT 2002

Brad Allen heeft op zondag, 20 okt 2002 om 17:14 het volgende 

> At 6:33 PM -0500 10/18/02, Ken Ray wrote:
>> If you have a transparent GIF, you should be able to just import it 
>> and it
>> will display with its transparency already on... I don't understand - 
>> did this not work for you? And if so, what happened?
> I must've done something wrong saving the image. I tried all the 
> options I could find within Photoshop 7. In this case, however, it 
> doesn't matter because it looks like I can achieve the needed 
> functionality by setting the backgroundpattern of a graphics object to 
> the desired image.

Just choosing the option 'transparency' will not help you; you need to 
choose a color to make transparent in PhotoShop.

However, if you really want to make stunning graphics with full 8-bit 
transparency and millions of colors, you shouldn't use GIF, but PNG. In 
PhotoShop  7 you can make a layered graphic with transparency (so 
remove the opaque bottom layer named 'background' or turn it into a 
normal layer and erase some parts of it to see what I mean.) Then 
choose 'merge visible' from the layers palette - not 'flatten image'. 
Then save the image as a PNG file and you have an image with the same 
transparency you had in PhotoShop.


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