Anyone Interested in my 'Jump Scripts' Tool?

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Sat Oct 19 17:50:01 EDT 2002

Sounds cool to me, Matt. I'm interested...

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Subject: Anyone Interested in my 'Jump Scripts' Tool?

> Hey-ya all
> One of the tools I've built for my own development is called Jump  
> Scripts.  I use it all the time and it is perhaps the most useful  
> development tool I've made to date.  What does it do?  It lets you jump  
> immediately to any script in any stack, card or object very very  
> quickly.
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> -----------------
> Here's are the features:
> Jump to any script in any open stack via the keyboard;
> Jump through the stack hierarchy via keyboard: stack>card>objects;
> Edit script or property via keyboard;
> Filter out objects (say only view buttons) via keyboard;
> Displays if a stack, card or object has a script;
> Close a stack script or property window via keyboard;
> Bring focus on 'Jump Scripts' or minimize via the keyboard;
> Hide or show Rev stacks in the list.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
> -----------------
> Bottom line is you can navigate through to ANY script at high speed and  
> saves lots and lots of time.  I'm a bit of a keyboard maniac (even the  
> filter objects drop down menu is keyboard operated), however the  
> keyboard commands are very very easy to use and pickup.
> Would anyone be interested in this tool?   I'll release it for free as  
> a service to all the kind people on the list, if there is interest.  It  
> is only built for OSX at the moment but I'll build and test for OS9 and  
> Windows if there is interest. I'd also appreciate any feedback and  
> testing (this will be beta 0.5).
> PLEASE RESPOND if you think you'd like this tool.
> I use it every moment of my script development because it saves me so  
> much time, I'd now like to share it if there is interest.
> Let me know and if there is interest I'll post it in the next few days,  
> first as a locked stack, then unlocked (after I've commented the  
> scripts and checked code is tidy etc).
> Cheers
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> Matt Denton
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