Comparing Revolution and REALbasic

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Sat Oct 19 12:31:05 EDT 2002

Recently there was a lively discussion on some of these lists (apologies for the cross-posting) comparing REALbasic <> to Revolution <>. Personally, I think they both have areas where they are strong.

I run a wiki web server with information on Revolution on it. A wiki is a web server where _anyone_ can edit a page right there in their browser, no password required.

I've put up a small set of pages comparing the two products. I started them out with some basics, but they need more. Everyone is welcome to come and add, make changes, post rebuttals, etc. You don't need a password, you can do it right now. Please be accurate and respectful. The goal is to end up with a set of pages that everyone can use as a reference, so the next time someone asks about the two products, we can point them to the pages and know they'll get an accurate portrait of two of the best development environments available.

Currently there is an introduction page:

A page for Revolution strong points with rebuttals:

And a page for REALbasic strong points with rebuttals:

Please don't change the names of the pages, or the above links will break. If you find they have broken, you can reach them at:



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