strange behaviour of a standalone script

Troy Rollins troy at
Thu Oct 17 15:30:01 EDT 2002

On 10/17/02 4:12 PM, "BSpurgeon at" <BSpurgeon at> wrote:

> Here's the problem.  It worked fine until I made the stack into a
> standalone file attached to a splash-screen stack, as per recent
> discussions on this list for standalones.  Now, although the stack saves
> new cards -- yes, I come from a HyperCard background -- this simple
> formatting button fails to work the way it was written to work and the way
> it works when the stack is not a standalone.
> Any ideas why a simple script might not like being in a standalone
> environment, although the cards themselves get saved?

Hmm. Without posting any of the script to review, it would be hard to
provide a concrete reasoning for why it is failing.

Perhaps you could tell us just what is contained in the troublesome button

It sounds as though perhaps the script is looking for those newly created
cards in some location that they don't exist?
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