Executable Net Feasability

M Gragg graggm at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 18 09:58:01 EDT 2002

I am not sure if Revolution is the answer to my application scenario,
but I'd like to solicit some feedback to help determine if Rev is a
viable solution platform.

I want to create an "Executable Internet" scenario that has the
following components (among others):

1: An administrator sets up a list of users/subscribers by Name and
probably email addresses.

2: This administrator creates surveys or questionnaires that he/she 
transmits daily to this list of subscribers. Within these surveys, there 
might be embedded rich media (QuickTime, audio/video, etc)

3: The user logs on to his/her machine, launches an application stack
and notices an alert that new survey/questionnaire has been sent to them

4: User completes the questionnaire (could be multiple choice,
true-false questions)

5: User submits completed questionnaire back to administrator, who has
the ability to "grade" the questionnaire automatically by way of an
answer key. Administrator sends results with comments back to users.

6: Administrator has ability to view performance results of list users
over time

7: Administrator can participate in online chat application to discuss
questionnaires with users.

I'd really appreciate hearing comments on the feasibility of Revolution
handling this.

Matt G.

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