Portable file names

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Wed Oct 16 10:54:01 EDT 2002

> >  > 1. I recall Ken Ray telling me that a file extension is required on
> >>  some platforms.
> >
> >Only if you want to map a Rev stack file to an application as a
> >(for Windows). Technically it doesn't need to have one for other uses (so
> >for example if you have a Rev stack that is always next to your
> >and read by that standalone but never 2x-clicked).
> This is what you wrote me on 7 July:
> >>2) Several of the files do not have an extension (READ ME FIRST, for
> example); you need to make sure all files have extensions (even though on
> Mac OS 9 they're not necessary, they are on OS X and Windows).

Yes, and that was because the READ ME FIRST file was one that effectively
"asked" the user to double-click it. If you have Rev files that don't need
to be double-clicked (i.e. they're opened from within another program
automatically), you can forego the extension. Personally, I feel that *all
files* on *all platforms* should have an extension for multiplatform
compatibility, but that's just my opinion. ;-)

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