Cloning stacks

Sarah sarahr at
Wed Oct 16 00:16:01 EDT 2002

I get a copy called "Hello" so it must be something I am doing, either 
in the routine that clones the stack, or in the preOpenCard handler on 
the first card.

Thank, Ken.


On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 01:46  pm, Ken Ray wrote:

> Wierd, Sarah, because I have the same OS and Rev, and it works for me.
> Perhaps there are messages being trapped somewhere? Can you try to do 
> this:
> 1) Open Rev and create a new stack with a name of "Tester" and a label 
> of
> "Hello". Save it
> 2) type "clone this stack" into the message box and hit return
> Do you get a copy called "Copy of Tester" or "Hello"?

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