Repeatloop in mouseDown handler wont end

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Tue Oct 15 10:06:00 EDT 2002


There is a known issue with doing things this way in that there are
other/better ways of doing it... see the article on HyperActive Software's
web site for a run down on this and how to work it:

Hope this helps,

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Subject: Repeatloop in mouseDown handler wont end

> Hi all
> There is a very annoying bug that show itself in both my own stacks and
> in Revolutions UI.
> Its in mouseDown handlers with a repeatloop like this:
> on mouseDown
>     --script
> repeat while the mouse is down
>     --script
> end repeat
> end mouseDown
> In appr. 1 out of 5 times the repeatloop wont end.
> It can also be seen in the Object Property Palette where
> it will happen in one of the four move-buttons.
> Nothing can stop the repeatloop except  to kill Revolution.
> Kind regards
> Michael Kristensen
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