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Alex Rice alex at
Mon Oct 14 08:21:01 EDT 2002

On Monday, October 14, 2002, at 01:13  AM, Simon Forster wrote:
> So you're saying stick with it, that RunRev isn't bad at all? I have 
> to say that I love the idea of an easy to use, high level tool which 
> is cross platform – it's just that the implementation seems a little 
> weak.
> I downloaded the try-out version earlier this week and have spent 
> around 6 hours playing with it. So far, I have had a few "this program 
> has unexpectedly quit..." dialog boxes (due to Mac OS X 10.2 
> appearance manager apparently), the Animation Manager ate my text 
> field and Geometry Manager seems, as I said, somewhat buggy in its 
> behaviour.

Try not to count the OS X appearance manager crashes towards the 
overall quality of Rev. It's unfortunate OS X is doing this appearance 
manager crash to Rev (or vice-versa) and I'm sure it will go away with 
the next release of Rev.

I haven't been using the Geometry manager or Animation manager, but 
overall I think that Revolution is pretty solid for a version 1.x 

(Although the metacard base of runrev is version 4.x? I still don't 
understand the details at this level)

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