The Transcendental GUI

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sun Oct 13 20:19:00 EDT 2002

> Yes, this is true, I own Lightwave (but confess that I have moved to
> Cinema4D for my own work.) I will say that because traditional interface
> elements do not well support the intricacies of 3D, 3D software does all
> pretty much have non standard interface elements.
> The thing I find interesting about Bryce (and actually ALL of Kai's
> interfaces) is their general lack of usability, almost by design.
> I hate to
> use the guy as an example, but while incredibly beautiful, the interfaces
> are obstacles. Speaking as someone who has been involved in 3D
> for about 13
> years, the horsepower and technology were there, at the time. We tried to
> put those tools into some of our workflows - and the interface was what
> prevented it.
> The difference is that Lightwave's (and other similar tools)
> interface is an
> attempt to optimize usability for its core intention, and Bryce's is an
> attempt to wow the user with the graphic savvy of its designer.

I agree. While our discussion is surely 'off topic', you make valid points.
I often thought Kai should've included a 'standard' interface mode as well.
We can see some of Kai's influence in modern day OS'es. I believe his apps
were the first to use alpha channel masks for interface controls (this can
be done in Rev too!) and they did push the envelope (perhaps a bit too far)
in areas of button design and overall graphic aesthetics of programs.

Years later, Apple began using alpha layering for QT player and then in OSX.
Pretty cool stuff.


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