SC to RR menu problem

Robert Presender rpresender at
Sun Oct 13 08:35:01 EDT 2002

Using OS 10.2.1, Rev 1.1.1r2/ 1.5A7r1

Having problems in converting a SuperCard project to RR with regard to 

1.     After copying a card, in SC, it is possible to include the name 
of the new card as a menu item(s) into a particular menu and also 
directly include a script for this new menu item(s).

In RR, I am able to create the new menu item(s) into the applicable btn 
menu(of a group of menus) on the new card. I have tried many approaches 
to create a script for the new menu item(s) without success.

I assume that it is not possible to directly set a script for the new 
menu item.  I also assume that the menuPick pWhich routine of the btn 
menu has to be modified to include the case,etc routine for the new 
menu item.

My problem is that I haven't been able to create a script ( in the On 
New routine  in the Main Stack script) to modify the menuPick routine 
or whatever for the new menu item.

2.  In SC, when a new menu item is created in the copied card's menu, 
the new menu item also appears in the original card's menu.  This 
appears not to happen in RR.  Is a work around necessary to include the 
new item in the original card's menu?

Suggestions will be appreciated. TIA

Regards .... Bob

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