How real is the embedded web-page technique?

Gary Rathbone gary.rathbone at
Fri Oct 11 17:15:00 EDT 2002

At 09:36 PM 10/11/2002 +0100, Gary Rathbone wrote:

>So that fact that the functional units are contained within a single
>window/frame/pane gives the comforting perception/illusion of an
>application ?

>I fear we're starting to stray off-topic for the list...

Fair point. But when many people on this list ask for features to be
included in Rev there is often another way of doing the same task. We don't
request spreadsheet capability in word, cos we've got excel, and the two are
compatible. It often seems to me that cos a user can't do something then
they request a feature, all I'm trying to do is suggest 'reasonable
alternatives'(look sidewards). I see my computer as a working unit, not each
individual application.

>I mean, just trying to visually distinguish which panes belong to which
>when there are other panes/apps in the background would be icky.  If I'm
>running three apps and toggling between them I'd much rather deal with
>three total panes than six (two each) or nine (three each).

Again, fair point. But this also relates to the recent 'Conforming UI'
thread on the list, so its relevant. A badly designed GUI makes even the
simplist application difficult to use. So what defines a good GUI ?
(rhetotical question OK !)

>I'd love to see a cross-platform control in RR that can render any
well-formed HTML thrown at it.
>>Must admit, it would be nice ;-)

:-)  A guy can dream, right?

Oh yeah !

Thanks Jim, as you suggested we're straying off-topic, so I'll leave you to
have the last word (if you wish...)


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