Wouldn't a forum be a far better idea?

Jerry Thomas runrev at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 9 23:07:01 EDT 2002

Dear Mailing List Participants,

I have been using the runrev mailing list for a few weeks now and OK I'm a 
newbie to revolution.

But, because I am a developer who uses several different software packages I 
belong to several different use groups and I'm not a newbie to multimedia or 

I believe(with much experience behind it)that the user mailing list is a 
very poor way to assist users and that FORUMS are by far the better idea.  
Yes, I know, most Rev users are so used to this system that change may be 
resisted but the long term best interests of everybody would be served by 
the changeover to a forum method.


First topics are defined by the header and replies go directly underneath 
that header so when a user responds to a given thread it can easily be 
understood. With the mailing list, unless you republish the question the 
reply just hangs there in space with no context. With the forum method the 
next replier can reply to the reply and to the general topic and be well 

There is so much repeated,republished text in the mailing list method that 
just wastes time and space but without which the list would be 

Second forums provide continuity, with a search function you can quickly 
determine whether someone asked your same question months or even years ago 
with out searching archives.

Third, forums can provide a way to separate topics so that one doesn't have 
to read many,many  posts that are unrelated or irelevant to your project or 

Everytime I go to read the Runrev mailing list I come away needing eye drops 
and aspirin for my head.

The interesting thing is that you already have a forum but have relegated it 
to newbies.  The truth is that newbies can't teach newbies very well. The 
best thing for learning is a mix of a pool of experienced users who are 
willing to help and newbies willing to learn.

I think both your experienced users and your newbies (if you intend for the 
company and community to grow) would be far better off moving over to the 
existing forum and the company Runtime Revolution would be better off if it 
had easier to understand support.

Check out a high quality forum for Multimedia Builder at www.mediachance.com 
(web boards from the menu on the home page)  Like Run rev this is a real 
COMMUNITY of users.  The forum method means that you can follow the 
conversations and learn from topics and threads that can go back months and 
even in one case years.

Right now as it stands you have a very difficult to understand mailing list 
and a sorely treated, almost competely unused forum.

Thanks for listening.  I'm just trying to help you build a better company 
and user community.

What do people think about moving this user group over into the existing 
forum?   Any Comments or suggestions?

Thanks again


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