How real is the embedded web-page technique?

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Wed Oct 9 20:47:01 EDT 2002

This sounds like a great idea - - however I must be doing something wrong.   
If I go into the messagebox and type:

put URL "" into temp
put "temp = " & temp

I get no results.   I tried a bunch of other URLs like ( 
and didn't get anything either.   I'm definetely connected to the network, as 
I'm able to send out this email message on AOL.   (Perhaps AOL's the problem 
- - - I'm on dialup).   I'm on Mac OS X, (Jaguar).   I'm in authoring mode, 
so I would think I'd have all the internet tools available, right?

When I do get this working, will I be able to have the user click on the 
hyperlinks displayed on the web-page that's displayed as HTML in that field?  
 In other words, is it just like embedding a browser on the card, or is this 
just a means of displaying a page to the user, but they can't click on 
hyperlinks.   If this does let me treat that field like an actual browser, 
with clickable hyperlinks, I will be extremely impressed with Revolution.

- Rob

In a message dated 10/9/02 6:11:32 PM, sarahr at writes:

> Forget using Explorer (or any browser). Rev can retrieve the html page
> all by itself and put it in a variable or field for you to parse. This
> gives you a cross-platform system that doesn't rely on your user's
> having any other software installed.
>     put URL "" into field "Download"
> This is the basic syntax. You can also use "load URL" to download the
> page in advance for quicker access. Don't forget that fields can
> display basic html:
>     set the htmlText of field "Display" to field "Download"

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