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Wed Oct 9 16:22:01 EDT 2002

On Wednesday, October 9, 2002, at 02:35  PM, Jeff Morrison wrote:

> I'm looking at both REALbasic and Revolution and I'm pretty sure I've 
> just discovered a huge problem with REALbasic, and I'm curious if 
> Revolution suffers from the same issue.  Printing.  RB printing seems 
> to be very, very, very tedious, requiring the user to define every 
> element, style, position on page,etc., all via code.  How does 
> Revolution handle printing?  Please tell me it's better.  - Jeff

It seems better in Rev, to me, although I have not done much printing 
in either environment. If I recall, in Realbasic, printing basically 
hands you a graphics context and you have to draw into it, unless you 
happen to have a view already containing what you want.

In Rev. you can print content at the level of stack, card, or field, 
and there are a fair number of commands for controlling the print 
output (margins, headers, scaling).

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