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Unfortunately you can't save data back into a standalone, but there are a
number of other options available:

1) Store your data in a stack that is opened/referenced from the standalone.
Although the standalone itself can't be modified, the stack on disk can.

2) Store your data in a text file that you read and write to.

3) Store your data in a database (like mySQL, Access, etc.) and use Rev's
database features to read and write to the database.

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> Hello,
> I am hoping to find an answer here.  Here is my situation.  I am building
an application that can keep track of Palm Pilots that people check out at
my college.  I am planning on having a card for each individual palm with
their serial numbers and
> other info.  Then at the bottom of each page I will have boxes for name,
phone number, etc.  I have button that ask the user these things and it puts
it in the fields.  My question is this.  After I have made the program a
standalone, how do I get
> Revolution to save this information.  I know how to use the menu manager
but what do I scipt the save menu do actually do?
> Sorry if that is a little confusing and thanks in advance for the help.
> -Tim
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