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Ken Ray kray at
Wed Oct 9 09:27:01 EDT 2002

> Just thought I'd add a little thing to the answers by
> Ken and Jeanne.
> If you want to make your stack multi-lingual at some
> point in the future, it might be more interesting to
> find out which button is pressed: the first, second,
> third,...

Excellent suggestion, Jan. Always good to think about this when developing.

> In such cases, the following piece of code comes in
> handy:
>   on menuPick pNewItem
>     put return & (the text of me) & return into \
>       tText
>     put return & pNewItem & return into tNewItem
>     go card lineOffset(tNewItem, tText)
>   end menuPick
> The whole trick with prepending and appending returns
> is to ensure that if you have two items "History B"
> and "History" it still picks the correct line.

You can do this a bit easier by setting the "wholematches" property:

on menuPick pNewItem
  set the wholeMatches to true
  go card lineOffset(tNewItem,the text of me)
end menuPick

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