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On Wednesday, Oct 9, 2002, at 05:39 Australia/Sydney, Alex Rice wrote:
> The company does estimation modeling for construction projects, school 
> districts, national parks, and others. By asking a series of questions 
> about the spaces needed, who will be using the spaces and how, 
> formulas are applied, and space and cost estimates are produced. Or 
> for school districts, enrollment estimates are produced. School 
> districts, too.


Can you reduce those formulae ultimately to a single score (which may 
be a weighted combination of sub-scores)? If so, it sounds to me that a 
GA could do what you want and it is not difficult to implement in Rev. 
GAs are especially good at munging multiple issues, just so long as, 
eventually, you can single-score a solution. Mixing score weightings to 
achieve that is something you can do with user controls rather than 
embedding, if you are unsure of what the weightings should be.

>> How fast does it need to be?
> Speed probably won't be an issue... we're not predicting the stock 
> market here :-)
(Would that I could...)

A GA should find good solutions in seconds to minutes, not hours or 

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