Setting Geometry on cloned objects

Terry Vogelaar terry at
Tue Oct 8 01:23:10 EDT 2002

Bob Rasmussen heeft op dinsdag, 8 okt 2002 om 07:20 het volgende 
> Short of writing my own Geometry Manager, does anyone have any other 
> bright
> ideas?

Because I never trust the GeoMan, I always use 'resizeStack'. To give 
an example, I pasted the script of a stack that uses this technique. 
The stack has a divider line that sets it's own 'divid' custom prop and 
also calls 'arrangeElements'. It needs some typing, but it is quite 
simple and gives much more predictable behaviour than the GeoMan.

It would be a useful contribution if anyone would write a kind of 
GeoMan stack that just adds a properly working resizeStack handler to 
the stack script.

on resizeStack
   pass resizeStack
end resizeStack

on arrangeElements
   put the divid of btn "Divider" into perc
   put the width of this stack into lWidth
   put the height of this stack into lHeight
   put round((perc*(lWidth-365))+120) into L40
   if L40 < 120 then put 120 into L40
   if L40 > (lWidth-245) then put (lWidth-245) into L40
   set the rect of btn "Divider" to L40-7&",52,"&L40+1&","&lHeight-4
   set the rect of btn "OTNT" to "4,52,"&L40-10&","&lHeight-4
   set the rect of btn "showwhich" to 
   set the rect of fld "books" to "10,76,60,"&lHeight-10
   set the rect of fld "history" to "62,76,"&L40-14&","&lHeight-10
   set the rect of fld "shortcutnumbers" to 
   set the rect of fld "groups" to 
   set the rect of fld "head" to L40+4&",52,"&lWidth-4&",74"
   set the rect of fld "subhead" to L40+4&",77,"&lWidth-4&",99"
end arrangeElements

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