Counter for Player

Mitchell Mark cowhead at
Sun Oct 6 05:55:01 EDT 2002

Trying to make a simple 'counter' for a player.  Putting the currentTime 
of the player into a field while the player is playing does not seem to 
work.  Since the playRate is 600 units/second, I guess you could use the 
milliseconds from start and calculate what the current time should be.  
Problem is, there is a playPaused message, a playStopped, a 
selectionChanged, but no playStarted.  So there appears to be no way to 
tell if the user has just clicked somewhere on the player, or if she has 
actually started it.  Is there anyway to tell if a player is actually 

I thought of making my own start button for the player, but you cannot 
stick a button over a player.  I suppose I could hide the player 
alltogether and reconstruct one out of my own buttons and progress bars, 
but I have a feeling there is a very easy way to do this that I'm just 
missing.   Can any of you buddhas out there enlighten me?

mark mitchell

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