Q. data stacks and app design

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at interisland.net
Fri Oct 4 22:44:01 EDT 2002

on 10/4/02 6:21 AM, Ivers, Doug E at Doug_Ivers at lord.com wrote:

> This is a fascinating topic.  Seems that if you do it right, you can implement
> some aspects of databases.  For example, I was thinking about creating a
> foreign language dictionary which relates English words to words of the other
> language, including links between synonyms.  Anyone have suggestions on a good
> way do implement this?
I'm not sure about here, but if you amble on over to the HyperCard list and
ask, I think you'll find this has been done before. You may be able to look
at some of these and develop your own model.

If not, perhaps I can inquire for you.

Let me know.

All the best,
Ken N. 

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