Creating Groups Prob in MacOS9

Roger.E.Eller at Roger.E.Eller at
Wed Oct 2 17:31:01 EDT 2002

Hi Judy,

In the Edit menu, if "Select Grouped Controls" is checked, it allows you to
select individual objects even if they are grouped. If un-checked, clicking
an object selects the entire group.


> Hi again,
> I recently did a quickie demo of using Rev for my class and had a problem
> that I've been able to reproduce:  In OS9, I create two buttons, select
> both, and do either the Apple-G thing OR the menu command to group.  The
> two are then visibly grouped.  I deselect.  I then try to reselect but
> only select one or the other button.  In other words, the grouping
> seem to stick.
> I then do the exact same thing under OSX and the grouping is persistent.
> Am I missing something?
> Judy

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