Ron rbarber at
Wed Oct 2 03:29:01 EDT 2002


Have you tried updating the 1.6 SC project using the current version of SC
(I'd try 3.6 first, not the v4 beta that is current), then try the Rev to SC
converter. HTH


> From: Jeff Graham <jeff at>
> Reply-To: use-revolution at
> Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 21:24:26 +0100
> To: use-revolution at
> Subject: Re: Supercard
> I was hoping for a 90% automatic conversion, 10% hand-tweaking, that
> kind of thing.  When you say people do conversions, do you mean as a
> chargeable service?
> I've tried Revolution help, it suggests I need to use a SIF exporter
> tool.  This fails on the file.

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