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Wed Oct 2 02:29:01 EDT 2002

I was hoping for a 90% automatic conversion, 10% hand-tweaking, that 
kind of thing.  When you say people do conversions, do you mean as a 
chargeable service?

I've tried Revolution help, it suggests I need to use a SIF exporter 
tool.  This fails on the file.

>There are several people on this list that do conversions from HC/SC/etc. to
>Rev (including myself). Most of SC's tokens are supported in Rev (although
>there are some tweaks here and there). The main issues to look at are XCMDs
>and XFCNs and how to rescript them using native Transcript.
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>>  I want to convert a really old Supercard script and run it on
>>  Revolution, for multi-platform reasons.  Supercard is Version 1.6
>>  from 1991.  Has anyone successfully converted such a script to the
>>  latest Revolution?
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