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Wed Oct 2 00:58:01 EDT 2002

On Tuesday, Oct 1, 2002, at 21:49 US/Pacific, Alex Rice wrote:

> Howdy, The boss is giving me a shot at moving the project from 
> Realbasic to Revolution. I may be asking a *lot* of questions in the 
> next few days. Bear with me!
> My Realbasic app is 50 screens and 12K lines of code. More apps are in 
> the works. Wish me luck. Thanks,

I was looking for a new environment now that Hypercard and Mac OS X 
don't play well together. The default beginner programming environment 
that everyone was leaning me towards was RealBasic. I watched the 
RealBasic demo and the Revolution demo at WWDC. (Geoff Canyon did a 
great job.) I was sitting with people who write a lot of code, probably 
code you have run or are running today. They knew I was looking for a 
new environment and had recommended RealBasic. After the two demos, in 
their mind there was no comparison, they were going to start 
recommending Revolution for anyone starting out on a new programming 
single user development system.

So I think you are making a good choice.

Good luck.

Kee Nethery

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