Printing in Windows

Derek Huby derek.huby at
Tue Oct 1 11:00:01 EDT 2002

Dear all,

Here's a strange one...

I'm developing a stack (in Rev 1.1, Windows 2000 Professional) where I need
to be able to print cards containing text fields. Now, at first I was
dismayed to find that text didn't print properly - it wasn't wrapping
properly at the right-hand edge of the fields. I checked out the docs, and
soon discovered the formatForPrinting property. Joy! All I had to do was set
this property to true for a stack during printing, and I got crisp, clear
print outs with properly wrapped text.

All seemed to be well. However, the occasional card would't print properly -
strange 'line breaks' in fields would appear every now and again. I've now
narrowed it down to the following recipe:

When formatForPrinting = true, a field will print correctly EXCEPT where it
contains an upper case 'G'. Any word containing 'G' causes the text to
'misflow' - the next word will be on the next line.

For example, "Getting married in Gretna Green" will look like this:

Married in Gretna

(Told you it was strange.)

I'm probably doing something incredibly stupid, but any suggestions would be



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