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> The Application downloads compressed Stacks, unzips them, and displays
> them to the user.
> There have been discussions about Internet Applications on this list,
> so I thought if one wants to have a look at an example, go to my web
> page.
I v downloaded it. Very intersting . I would like the main menue 
smaller on the left side so that you dont have to click (drag) away 
every downloaded stack. Can we get one of the stacks too to see how you 
did this? That would be a nice example for us no-coder...

> The Program is aimed at Molecular Biologists and is free for everyone
> ;-)
> Since English is not my mother tongue and you are already on my web
> page I would appreciate, if you have a look at the wording,
> and let me know, where I can change a sentence around to make things
> clearer.

da kann ich leider nicht helfen, aber einen Tip zur Adresse hätt ich 
noch. Zu Grund und Wald - ist ja nicht ganz so bekannt wie Zürich oder 
Genf - da würd ich einfach für die nicht Mitteleuropäer auch noch 
Schweiz hinzufügen ;))

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