Stuck on Reg-Ex again

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Thu May 30 12:43:02 EDT 2002


You have to declare your returning values as "locals" before they can be
used. Here's my script that works:

on mouseUp
  local tResult
  put "<hello>This is stuff</hello>" into tItem
  get matchText(tItem,"<hello>(.*)</hello>",tResult)
  put tResult
end mouseUp

Notice I had to "local" tResult before it would come back properly,
otherwise you get nothing. Also, I've been using MC 2.4.2's Perl-Compatible
Regular Expressions (PCRE) engine, which is awesome and will be rolled into
the next rev of Rev, so you'll be able to do really neat things like
look-ahead assertions, etc.

If you have access to MC 2.4.2, you might want to get on my beta-testing
list for an XML parsing library that I've just released that uses PCRE. If
so, send me an email off list.


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Subject: Stuck on Reg-Ex again

> In the past, I've gotten some good advise about using Reg-Ex in Rev from
> this list - here we go again...
> I am trying to use matchText and Reg-Ex to parse some XML contents. It
> is pretty basic stuff, and the same reg-ex syntax works in other capable
> programs - yet consistently throws a script error in Rev. Well, that's
> not completely true - on some script variations no error is thrown,
> though no result is obtained either.
> This is the basis for what we are trying -
>      matchText
> (openTextContents,"<selectionTag>(.*)</selectionTag>",contentResult)
>    put contentResult ## returns nothing
> I have read that people are using Rev for XML on this list, and perhaps
> we only need a jump start in syntax. In fact, unless I am mistaken, I
> seem to remember such comments as "why don't you just use Rev's native
> ability to parse the XML?" Yet, there are no commands or references in
> the dictionary related to XML parsing. Anyone have a quick start
> tutorial to working with XML (or Reg-Ex) in Rev? The documentation
> nicely simplifies Reg-Ex syntax - yet never goes far enough - like
> relating it to Rev commands in a useful way. Jeanne told me some time
> ago, that there would be a bunch on this topic in the upcoming 1.1
> "Cookbook"... I guess that would now be the 1.1.1 cookbook? The 1.2
> cookbook? The 2.0 cookbook?
> Frustrated with simple parsing. Thanks in advance.
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> Troy
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