Mac visible file bit?

Rick Harrison harrison at
Fri May 24 09:28:01 EDT 2002

on 5/23/2002 12:38 PM, Dreamscape Software at
webmaster at wrote:

>> Put a . in front of the filename, that will make them invisible in Mac OSX
>> and all other Unixes as well.
> This is true but there are some programs that can identify these files.  I
> know that Transmit is one of them, and I'm pretty sure that BBEdit is
> another.  If someone could verify this then that would be great, otherwise
> it's just me.
> Though I would recomend using this method over the the previous that I
> mentioned.  This one is a lot safer.
> Derek Bump
> Dreamscape Software, Inc.


Thanks for your Mac OS X insights.  I'll give it a try.

Thanks again,

Rick Harrison

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