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Klaus Major kmajor at metascape.org
Thu May 23 03:42:00 EDT 2002

Hi Rob,

> Hi All,
> I'm trying to determine the most efficient way of handling images in 
> stacks short of distributing a bunch of individual image files.  Can 
> anyone confirm or refute what I think I know?
> * There is no way of sharing a image among several stacks except by 
> keeping the image as an individual file.  If, for example, one starts 
> using an image library stack and references an image in the library, a 
> copy of the image is installed in the referencing stack.

This is possible, but you will have to set the id of the used and 
referenced images to some (incredibly) high numbers (at least 6 digits) 
(set the id  of image "yourimage" to 1000001)

Then use buttons to display that image.

The engine will search all open stacks for that icon of a button.

I did it before and it works.

> * One should never put an image in a group that appears on more than 
> one card...rather one should place a button referencing the image by 
> icon #.  If this is not done, a new copy of the image appears in the 
> stack's image library every time a card containing the group is created.

When the backgroundbehaviour of that group is true, then you can place a 
group (with images)
on every card without ending up with zillions of copies of that image.

If not, then there must be a bug somewhere.

Groups are meant to behave like one object (with backgroundbehaviour set 
to true, if i did not mention this before ;-)

Hope that helps


Klaus Major
kmajor at metascape.org

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