Billing for upgrade?

Stuart Milliken stuart_milliken at
Tue May 21 09:23:21 EDT 2002

Dear Heather,

I'm not sure if you're the one I should be writing to about this; if not,
could you pass it on to the right person?

I bought a "professional" license for Rev 1.1 last fall at the $199 offer
price.  Recently I downloaded the upgraded to 1.1.1, which I thought was a
free upgrade for licensed users.  I just received my latest credit card
statement and found I've been charged a second $199.  My perusal of the
license agreement doesn't make it particularly clear to me what is intended,
but my experience elsewhere is that bug-fix upgrades are typically free to
licensed users.

Could you please clarify this for me?  Thank you!

And by the way, Revolution is a terrific product.


Stuart Milliken

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