Calculating _actual_ fileSizes on disk

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Sat May 18 03:32:01 EDT 2002

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>> or roughly 709.5MB.
> you are just dividing by 1000 at this point.. if you were to further
> divide by 1024, you'd end up with a number close to amount returned by
> the finder
> (726,510,022 /1024) /1024 = 692.8539485931396484375

DOH!!  -shakes head sadly- i very carefully remembered to do my first
division by 1024, and then quite happily totally skipped doing that
again.  I reckon I need to get more sleep.  |-)>

>> I assume the discrepencies are all due to the block allocation
>> differences
>> between the different sized devices.  I _don't_ want to create a 700MB
>> HD
> on a 120GB drive, you're worried about 700MB? i'm not even worried
> about that on my little 30GB one.. ;-)
Heh, no it's not the space I'm worried about, it's that 1) there are
already a dozen partitions on my desktop (from several drives), and 2)
since i'm trying to calculate what will fit in the 700MB space, using a
700 meg partition would defeat the purpose because I'd have to figure
that out myself first, eh?  B-)>

BTW, large storage can be had for _well_ under $200.  40GB drive can be
had for under $100 (and i just read that Staples is supposed to be
having a sale in store only this saturday with an 80GB ATA drive for $90
after rebate).  Storage is good.
--HangTime [Will Compute for Food]  B-)>

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