Capturing video (or at least one frame) inside Rev

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Thu May 16 11:15:00 EDT 2002

>  I'll try
>to dig up Hack TV and see if it can fill this role.

See below.

I wrote the following to Rev a while back...didn't get
much interest back. I'd still like to see it...


>Apple Developer provides code and working samples for capturing
>digital video from firewire & other capture cards/means on the
>web pages shown in this email.
>Would it be possible for Rev to use this code/samples and build this facility
>into Rev?  I suppose I am making a request more than asking if it 
>can be done...
>HackTV Carbon - for Mac OS 9 and X
>HackTV Carbon is the carbonized version of the venerable HackTV for 
>Mac OS 9 and X. It shows how to use the sequence grabber to preview 
>and record movies.
>HackTV can use either the software 'vdig' or a hardware 'vdig' that 
>you may already own. HackTV can also be used by 'vdig' makers to 
>test their code.
>Requires: QuickTime 5, Metrowerks CodeWarrior 6 or 7, CarbonLib 1.4
>HackTV - for Intel Pentium or compatible processor
>This sample code has been updated for QuickTime 5.0
>HackTV illustrates how to use do Video Digitizing under QuickTime.
>Refer to develop Issue 14 for details on this code.
>68k or PowerPC (or newer) machines running System 8.5 or later. PC 
>with Intel Pentium or compatible processor. QuickTime 4.0 or later. 
>CodeWarrior Pro 2 or later or Visual C++ 5.0 or later.
>QuickTime, Video, Digitizing, vDig

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