Application Path?

Karl Petersen karlpet at
Fri May 10 08:45:00 EDT 2002

At 10:40 PM -0600 5/9/02, Dave wrote:
>I think for newbies like myself, having the ability to search the
>descriptions in the Transcript Dictionary would be a useful new feature. :-)

Beginning with Rev 1.1.1, you can search for words in the text of the 
dictionary instead of just Transcript commands. Press the Option key 
when you search.

To search for "path" in the text of the dictionary, type "path" in 
the search field, press the Option key, then hit Enter/Return.

To make it easier to view each "hit", drag the dictionary window as 
long as possible. Currently, the foundField doesn't scroll to display 
the foundText, which can be confusing. Sometimes it appears the found 
card doesn't contain a hit, but it's revealed when you scroll down.


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