Problems With Grouped Buttons

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Problems With Grouped ButtonsRob,

Set the radioBehavior of the group to false and that should take care of your problem.

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  Hi All,

  I have a simple stack with seven buttons, each set to arm on mouseEnter.  With seven ungrouped buttons, everything works fine; however in a second copy of the stack where I have grouped the same seven buttons the behavior is much different, especially when the mouse passes out of a button into the rectangle of the group.  In those cases the buttons seem to act like radio buttons: a button hilited on mouseEnter wont unhilite until another button in the group receives mouseEnter.  In addition, the button image changes (a border is drawn around it?) until it is unhilited.

  What am I missing?

  Rob Cozens
  CCW, Serendipity Software Company

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