Another new kid on the block

Bernie rev at
Wed May 1 08:16:00 EDT 2002

Hi Ken,

>I have a bunch of VB experience, and would like to work with you on this.
>There is a partial comparison of VB and Rev in a sample database stack that
>I built for RunRev. You can find it at:

Got it. It was one of the first things I looked at. Nicely written.

>I know what you mean about assignment, and there are definitely some things
>from VB that I would *love* to have in Rev (IntelliSense and direct access
>to system DLLs as a couple), but there is so much that you can do with Rev,
>and the cross-platform deployment benefits are awesome.

Access to system DLLs would be very good and Intellisense would be nice to
have though not as important. I've spent a bit more time with the
documentation and it is pretty good. One thing I didn't get was Option
Explicit. There is a similar thing in Rev but I couldn't find out where to
set it. I have quite a few questions but most of them are probably in the
docs. I haven't found anything on TWAIN yet and a lot of what I do is
graphical. Is there a way of accessing cameras and scanners in an app?

I think it would be great to have a site with a lot of little snippets of
how-to code and mini tutorials similar to the tutorials built in. I need
time to really play with Rev but right now I have three projects to get out
in the next two months. One of them I'd love to do in Rev but I will need to
write up all the functions first to make sure they can all be done.


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