MOD function does not work! So be warned!

Dar Scott dsc at
Sun Mar 31 17:12:01 EST 2002

On Sunday, March 31, 2002, at 02:10 PM, Ian Summerfield wrote:

> The problem is completely avoided.

In general no.  In the special case of mod 550, maybe.

Consider this.  Reach back to when you were 14 and learned floating 
point.  Suppose variable adjustment is a power of 2.  Then only the 
exponent component of the floating point value will change.  All 
arithmetic will be the same except for an offset in the exponent.

Add 1 to a large number and you will see you still have the problem.

> I first came across this sort of problem in AppleSoft Basic on my 
> Apple II,
Apple II?  The program Savvy on the Apple IIe didn't have this problem.

> Revolution distances you
> from the low level world,  well that's what I thought it was 
> designed to do,
> so you forget these things.

I think it would be nice if it would distance you until until you 
really need the low level (as in file, TCP or serial I/O in some 
cases); then it should give you the low-level tools.

Dar Scott

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