The Day Today is... ummm....

Terry Vogelaar terry at
Fri Mar 29 23:43:01 EST 2002

I am Dutch. Both on Classic and OSX I have for system weekdays:

So it starts on a sunday, like it should. (Notice that there are no starting
capitals for weekdays in our language. That is correct)

When I am in the System Prefs->International->Date preferences, I can try
every setting available there. Like Austalian. Then the week still starts on
Sunday! But when I choose in the System Prefs->International->Language
Australian English as the topmost preferred language and then I reboot,
Saturday is the first day of the week.

So the Date preference determines the language for the system weekdays and
the Language preference determines the sequence. I don't get it...

This subject interests me because I once asked if someone on the list knew
how to determine what system language they are using. Nobody had a clue, but
now I can use this. Thanks. Too bad the Australian settings are weird. But I
am not really surprised. Australia is for Holland exactly the other side of
the world. So everything has to be 'upside-down' :-)


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