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Klaus Major k_major at
Fri Mar 29 12:09:01 EST 2002

HI Rob and all,

> Hi All,
> A couple of people tried to find reference to the MetaCard User Guide 
> on the MC website without success, and asked me for more details.
> My recollection is instructions for ordering the User Guide were 
> included in the startup kit; but I bought the Guide in 1999 & have no 
> notes except a cc billing for US$51.00.
> Version 2.2 of the Guide encompasses 418 8.5 x 11 pages.  There are 17 
> chapters:
> Objects; Scripting; Hypermedia; The Outside World; Dialog Boxes; 
> Messages; Messages by Object; Control Structures; Commands; Functions; 
> Properties by Name; Properties by Object; Operators; Constants; 
> Synonyms; Limits; HC & SC Compatibility.
> I hate to dump this in Scott's lap; but since I can't tell you how to 
> order it and the info apparently isn't readily available on the 
> website, I suggest anyone interested ask Scott Raney 
> <raney at> how to place an order.

The info is not on the website, that's true.

But it is inside MC ;-)
(Everything is inside MC :-)

Check out -> About Metacard -> Licensing Information... -> Pricing

There are the printed docs and more with a price-tag.

> Rob Cozens

Hope this helps...

Happy eastern

Klaus Major
k_major at

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