MOD function does not work! So be warned!

Dar Scott dsc at
Fri Mar 29 03:56:01 EST 2002

On Friday, March 29, 2002, at 01:16 AM, David Vaughan wrote:

> A solution (use round when it must be integer, raise to the power 
> 1 when it must be floating point and concatenate with empty for a 
> string) is straightforward enough and rarely needed.

I don't think I understand how to use this.

Case in point:
put ("8" & empty) < ("33" & empty) --> true
These numeral values compare as numbers.  I can't "make" them be 

I realize there is a lot of heritage behind this, but I would have 
been happier to discover I could not tell there was any 
representation other than strings. discover that arithmetic 
has a simple numeral-to-number-to-(limited)-numeral semantics.  I 
would have been please to learn something like, "Numerals with less 
than 20 digits represent numbers.  An arithmetic function on 
numerals returns an exact representation of the result if it can be 
represented in 20 or less digits, otherwise ..."

It is kind of strange to find that there are some x such that "B" & 
x = "B236" is true but x = 236 is false.

Dar Scott

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